Friday, October 29, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime Fun

There have been lots of fun days already!
Our first trip to the zoo for the summer!
Kensli posing!

Kensli and Preston enjoying the ride.

Viewing the tigers....they both wanted to get in!

Look quick! They look like angels right now.!

Me and Mommy! Sweating!

Riding the train.

Much nicer than walking back.

After the zoo....McDonalds!

I loved it!

Visiting buddies.... at Summer's house.

Relaxing while the other kids run around.

Damon takes Sophia and I on a ride.
I'm getting to drive....not going anywhere!
I took swimming lessons this year.... Loved all the toys!

I enjoyed swimming.

All by myself.....

You know that I just got into something....

I love my Daddy!

Mommy and me after church!

Me and Daddy

My pretty dress Grandma Jackie got for me!


Must be nap time!

This is where I hide and what I do while we are SUPPOSED to be cleaning house...
Shhhh...Don't tell Mommy!

Sophia, Aunt Shelley, Mommy and I went shopping.
Sophia and I had a blast...
We even used the basket as a swing!
Who knew shopping could be this much fun!

We always have to get a big dressing room!
Already into the phones!

This is what Sophia does while the Mommies try on clothes!

Before shopping we stopped by to see Grandma Jackie!
They really got to see what a handful both of us could be!

Swimming in Franklin with Sophia and Ryan

This is one of my favorite chairs.... my baby bouncer.

I have to show my babies how to bounce in it!

Running into Target with Mommy.....I think I'm a movie star! Can't take off my glasses.

Swim Time!

Out to lunch!
This is about the only two seconds we sat still!
The State Championship team had a swim party....
I got to go swimming with them!