Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 16th

Daddy promised me he would put lights on the house this year.... and he did! I loved looking at them when Momma and I drove up! I just laughed and clapped my hands. It was cold outside - so Daddy had to wear these on his ears......therefore, I wanted to wear them too!

I'm so ready to go outside!
It is the last couple of days of school before Christmas and Momma had
to make quite a few I decided to help. Hope the kids enjoy my creation!
Everything tastes better with pepper!
These were the best beaten eggs ever....
even the counter thought so!

Now for the topping....Cheese.
One strand at a time!---
This just needed careful placement.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ready for Christmas!

I'm so ready for Christmas! I really didn't know what was going on last year.... but this year, I know what presents are!!!
Daddy helped get the house ready for Christmas!
I love looking at these!
One plays music - and of course we have to listen to it all the time.
This might keep my interest!

Me and my momma!

I even got a cookie --- of course this is a laid back
Saturday at home -- so don't mind the hairdo!
We put up more decorations and the tree!

But these lights are awesome!

This is my new favorite game....
Mixing things.


We have so much to be thankful for. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as I did!
One Sunday morning before church.
Pops bought me this outfit all by himself!

Thanksgiving at Mema's
Sophia and I got to play with everything!
Grandparents are great!
Don't think they know the word NO!
See, I even shared the cars!

We woke everyone in the house with our beautiful

Both of us even got piggy tails!
This is where we like to spend most of out time!

Paw Paw showed me a new trick!
Do you see? --- I can put my toes on the table!

"Paw Paw, you get kisses for that one!"

Fun in the Fall

Momma and I enjoy spending time together in the fall! Look at my crazy hair - NO, I didn't wear it out like this but I just
took it down so it could have freedome!

YEA! We get to play outside!

I'm too excited!

I wanted to take all of these leaves inside so I
could play with them later.

One lazy Sunday after church!
Look how curly my hair is!

Beep, Beep.... Your in my way!

Break time!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This will be my first Halloween that I actually get to dress up and trick or treat!
On the 24th - I helped Momma clean the house and then we went to the fall festival. On Halloween day, Momma had a scrimmage so Daddy took me to Bradyn's first birthday party. Then I went trick or treating with Preston! Too much going on!!
I found my old toy in the laundry room.
See how big of a mess I can make!

Me??? No.......
All ready to go the the fall festival at church!
Don't I look so cute as a lady bug?
Thanks, Grandma Jackie
YEA! Candy!

Wasn't so sure about all of this.

But we still had a blast.

The best part was my crackers on the way home!

We carved a pumpkin this year -
You can tell Momma and Daddy have never
done this before! I had to give them instuctions!
Daddy carved....
And Momma scooped!

Then we lit it up! I wasn't so sure about it.

Doesn't it look cool?
I had eaten a sucker earlier and Momma made me take
off my clothes - but I wouldn't take off my shoes!

Me and Daddy at Bradyn's party!

We even went on a hayride!

Preston and I are making plans about which houses
we are going to!

And of course -- I had to walk!!

Daddy came to hang out with me a couple
days later! You see that I got his
phone too!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sophia and Kensli's Family Birthday party!

We all went to Franklin for a birthday party for Kensli and Sophia. As soon as everyone got there - the fun began! Paw Paw, Uncle Myron, Aunt Shelley, Aunt Wendy, Momma, and all the grandkids went out to check the cows. Ryan and Sophia started out on the four wheelers and Kensli was driving the truck. She pulled the cuber to feed the cows! Ryan was in charge of counting how many times it clicked --to know how much Paw Paw was feeding them. Sophia was in charge of keeping Uncle Myron in line! Everyone had a great time!

The kids thinking they are going somewhere!

Who do you think is in charge in this group?

Ryan started off riding with Wendy on Paw Paw's

four wheeler.

Sophia never wants to look at the camera!

Kensli was in charge of the cuber!

See I know how to drive!

Paw Paw shared a pair of his sunglasses with me!

It was so bright outside!

"Momma, tell Paw Paw I know how to drive all by


Then Kensli wanted to go ride with Wendy.

Ryan lasted a little while and then wanted in the truck!

Then Sophia wanted to drive!

"Paw Paw, I'm in charge now!"

After we got back to the house - Kensli thought she hadn't seen

Momma in a while!

When we got inside - everyone was here!

It was time for presents! I helped open most of mine!

There were presents everywhere!

On our way to the kitchen - I found another toy!

Supper time! Ryan was showing us how big boys eat!

I didn't want to eat anything except fruit!

Sophia ate all of hers!

Then we all went outside to run our energy out!

Sophia, me, Aunt Shelley, and Momma

Myron was swinging with Sophia on a homemade


Then it was to the backyard to play duck duck goose.

Look - do you see my momma running!

See how nice I am sitting!

Sophia really didn't care - she just wants to wander


Paw Paw even ran!

After about 45 minutes - I think Ryan was the winner!

Me and my great-grandmother, Mema!

Time for cake! NaNa made us one of her

famous candy cakes - just like she did my momma

when she was growing up!

I really just wanted the M&M's!

Paw Paw always gives me M&M's!

Sophis cleaned her plate and needed a drink!

I'm still working on my cake and ice cream!

The next morning --- I didn't think Ryan should be on this,

So I got on with him!

He was nice enough just to push me on it.

Breakfast time! Coco Puffs - a breakfast of champions!

Everyone loves them!
I ate all of my momma oatmeal!
Aunt Wendy taught Sophia how to get cereal out of the box!

Then it was time to play - before church time!

I just drove around waving at everyone!

Ryan played with a toy.

Sophia just walked around showing how well she walks.

But when someone opened the cabinet or when into

the kitchen - she was right behind them! She acts like she never eats!!!

Me and my momma - before church.

The girls checking on NaNa.

It was so much fun to have all of them together!

So much action going on.
I was worn out! I slept all the way home in the car!