Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at MY house

We did lots of things over the Christmas break .... Enjoy the show.

I love my puppy --- she followed me everywhere!

My new table! Ok.... I only fell out of the chair a couple of times.

Now to dinner with Momma and Daddy....
before we go to Prairie Lights!

Not such a happy camper about the wait!

These are about the only lights that I saw!

Because then Momma changed my clothes and I was out!

Playing with my cups! I can even put them in order.

Christmas Eve! Helping Momma make cookies for Santa!
I think I ate most of the chocolate chips!

Then I just wanted the dough!

I even helped Daddy pull out the ham.
I am such a good cook!

Santa doesn't need four cookies!

Bath time - I got to play with the color markers Grandma Jackie
gave me!

Christmas Morning!
And the first thing I go for is the popper!
We opened lots of gifts - but could only do a few at a time.
You know that I had to play with whatever I opened!
Me and my Daddy or Christmas morning.

Break 1 from presents..... Making pig-n-blankets for breakfast!

Back to presents! YEA!

A potty! I want this out of the box right now but not sure what to do with it.
I know I sit on it but that is about it!

The classic "more clothes" face

I got several pairs of shoes -- and we had to put all of them on!

This is the way it is supposed to be -- opening one and sitting on one.

This was the best present! A box.

I even got Daddy to play Legos with me.
Of course, he doesn't follow directions!

Then I helped Momma peel the potatoes!
I am such a chef!

After Daddy put this together - I just wanted to ride.
Even with my pink boots!

My Daddy!

Daddy took me on a walk - it was a little chilly.

Off shopping the day after Christmas - I hear there are big sales!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as us!

Christmas at Grandma Jackie's

Then it was off to Grandma Jackie's. We went up there on the 23rd and came back on Christmas Eve. First, Daddy and I stopped by her office to see all the ladies!

As soon as Grandma Jackie came in - I was ready to open presents.

It's a table that has lots of things on it!
I can't wait to take it out of this box.

Bath time! I helped Grandma Jackie clean out the tub first.
This is my favorite part of the day.

After everyone woke up the next morning -
I guess it was my job to fix breakfast!
Let's see what we have in here.

Now this is the pan that I will need.....

While I'm at it.... I will see what else Grandma Jackie has in all these cabinets!

Aunt Precious loved the beautiful music that I made so early in the
morning on my new table!
See - I can sing too!
BACON! Finally someone got me something to eat!
But WOW -- look at that hair!

Is he looking so I can take another piece?

Oh Heck - I will just go for it!

After Grandma Jackie got home from work - we opened more presents.
I love this! It lights up!

I didn't even make a mess opening presents!

Grandma Jackie, Pops, and me before I have to go home!
We all had such a great time!

Christmas at NaNa's

Momma's side of the family was holding Christmas early this year. We got in town to do lots of things! First stop was the Franklin Parade. Momma hasn't even been to one in years!

All bundled up...it was so cold! All laughs while NaNa is carrying me! I think that I am excited to see what comes our way!
Karen helped me get the candy that was thrown out.
I was such a good girl -- didn't even take off my mittons.

Me and Momma - getting tired.

When we got home, Sophia had made it in.
She thinks I need to eat more.

Then its playtime! NaNa has two horse rockers -
we love them!

Now Sophia just wants to rock me!

Early the next morning Momma was doing leg lifts with me.
Then Sophia wanted to ride also.
Momma got a workout from the both of us.
Look how relaxed Sophia is!
Then it was off to Mema's for Christmas in the country.
I opened all of my presents -- one piece at a time!
Ryan even helped me put my cups together.

Mema gave all of the great grandkids hats!
Mine is so cute!
I already see Leighton starring at it!
Mema and Dad got me this table.... See you
are supposed to sit on it!

Then it was back to NaNa's for presents. But I took a short nap.
Sophia and Ryan kept playing -- yep, Ryan is in the sleeping bag!
SHHHH! We are hiding from Paw Paw!
Present time! But I think I will play the piano a little bit.

NaNa gave us pillows that fold up!
Look who thinks she is in charge!

Dectective Ryan is showing off his officer gear while I
hold on to my puppy!
We had a blast and got way too many gifts!