Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

We went to the zoo with a couple of friends. Of course we had to go early in the morning because it gets really hot outside!

I'm all ready to go!

This is Preston - we enjoy hanging out.

Me and Momma before the adventure begins

We saw lots of monkeys.

Even Rhinos

I even took my picture on top of an elephant

Can you see whats in the background?

Yep, you guessed it! They were so tall!

We saw lots of elephants too.


Ok now its lunch break!

We even went to the Texas town - see Paw Paw -
They have a Sheriff's office.

Boy, all that work - I need icecream!
Went to the Fort Worth Zoo - We had a great time but it got really hot. We didn't even
get to see everything - Guess we will have to go back another time.

Little Helper

I love to play!

Bet you can't even tell this is the day I was sick with a 104 temp.

I still had a blast.
I love to help vacuum - but it broke so Daddy was trying to fix it.

See Daddy - I told you I knew what was wrong.

If you would have listened to me the first time - we would be done!

See I was right! All done!
Ok - I'll give you a hug - only because I love you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

I am so happy to be out of the car seat.....

See I just crawl everywhere.

Momma and I went on the four wheelers -
see same expressions - now I know where I get them!

I even got to ride with Paw Paw on the big one!

Paw Paw playing with me --- Don't let go!

Faster NaNa Faster!

Paw Paw showing me his belly!

I liked to watch Ryan!

Ryan loved to play with me - even if it was tackling me!
What do you expect - he's a boy!

At the swimming pool with NaNa! Doesn't my hat
look so cute?

See Momma even got in the pool.

Ryan is such a big boy -- he went of the diving board!
He is showing us his muscles!

Sleepy baby!

Momma has her hands full.

Ryan was such a big helper!!! He let me ride on his shoulders.

See I love to eat!
He helped me play the piano! I think I am Mozart!

We played to both of us were wore out!
He even helped Aunt Wendy push me around in a box!
Who would know that this would be the best toy ever!

Summertime Fun!

These are pictures of what we are doing this summer!
I love helping my momma with the laundry!

I'm think I'm Too Cute!

See my pretty outfit that Mema bought me!

I am already pulling up on everything!!!!

My friend Preston came over to play and stay the night!
We enjoyed playing for a while!!!
See my fat lip? I went face first into the coffee table.

All clean and fresh! Daddy helping put me to bed!

I love to play in my room! I think I want momma to read this book to me
every night!

Happy Baby!

And already on the move! I am fast!