Wednesday, March 10, 2010

State Tournament

Momma's team is the 4A State Girl's Basketball Champions.......
And I got to go!

After the championship game - we all waited outside for the stars to arrive!
I finally got to see Momma - and I was wanting to call everyone and let them know the good news.
But I did get to see NaNa, Paw Paw, Mema, Dad, and Aunt Sharon.... they came to support!

Bailey and I get to go to practice all the time!

The seniors.....

The Team....

The Coaches....
And ME!

Keena is my buddy ---- she has always called me
Keenasli.... and now I answer to her!

All ready to go home!
I have learned how to look at you through the mirror!
It was an adventure that we will never forget!

Catch Up!!!

Kensli has gotten so big..... here are some updates.

I went to see Momma coach!
Me and my daddy!

For New Years Day -- NaNa, Paw Paw, Mema and Dad came to see me!
They brought me goodies from West!!

"Do you have to leave!!!!"

Paw Paw spoils me with M&M'S!!!
Momma lets me help make breakfast.....

Sophia came to visit.... I think you are supposed to play with these blocks but
we used them to sit on!

Too much fun in the bath!

Before Church..... NaNa made me this shaw!

Preston came to visit too!
We love to color.

We even got to ride in his wagon!

Then for our snack.... who will finish first?

I am in charge now!

Kensli was sick for a couple of weeks with RSV. Don't worry - she is all
better and back to her old self. This is one of the activities she loved while we had a mini-vacation.

Love those cheetos!!!


It snowed for the second time in Dallas...
I'm not so sure I want to walk out in it!!!

Not too comfortable in this!!
I want sun!!

The next day, I was a little more excited about the snow.

Me and My Daddy

I couldn't walk to far..... It came past my knees.

I love bath time....

This is my beautiul artwork.

I sat still enough for momma to braid my hair!!!

NaNa and Paw Paw came to keep Sophia and I...... overnight!
We had so much fun!

We chased, raced, and crashed the chairs....

Paw Paw showed us how to sit away from the tv...
and how to climb on the table...shhhhh.

Paw Paw and the girls!

Myron even took a turn holding both of them!

Daddy pushing me around!

Preston and I raced all day!

Preston showed me how to eat all of the food!

Look what else he showed me!

Everyone wants to do the same thing.