Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

Sophia and I stayed with NaNa and PawPaw the weekend of Easter! We ran them ragged!

Sophia and I - getting more Easter gifts!
Can't you tell we are spoiled.

We already know where PawPaw keeps the M&M's.....
We just pull him to them!

Paw Paw and Uncle Myron hid the eggs.... guess they thought
we couldn't find them!

We ran around everywhere to get candy!

Then Sophia ran off with my basket!!!

Picture time....
I thought if I said the prayer that Momma would
let me eat the candy!
Didn't work so well..... but worked on Paw Paw!
"These silly sunglasses won't stay up!"
Both of us had to have them on but we kept switching!

This pose only lasted for a few seconds before
we were running around again!
Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Easter...
We enjoyed it so much! Can't wait to hunt more eggs next year!

Easter Egg Hunting at Ms. Suzett's

Ms. Suzett had an Easter egg hunt for us!!! I really enjoyed it!

I found a lot of eggs.....even low!

I was very careful --- to make sure they went in my basket!

The group - before hunting!

My momma and daddy came to see me hunt!

Me and Ms. Suzett

"Hey Daddy, No eating my candy!"

I found a lot of them by myself.

Preston tried taking my eggs ---- Wasn't about
to let that happen!