Friday, June 5, 2009

Aunt Precious's Graduation

Aunt Precious graduated high school this year! We are all so proud of her! I went to see her graduate --- her are a few memories.

On the way, Momma fed me --- she used her shirt for my bib - so it covered all of me! Boy did it....

This is the way Momma's shirt ended up!

See I'm innocent!

During the ceremony - I played the whole time!

Then I rested!

Now, I am up again! Keep taking those pictures Pops!!!
I love them.

This is me with my Momma and Daddy.

Can't you tell that I am getting bored!
When is Aunt Precious coming up!!!

Daddy, Grandma Jackie, Aunt Precious, and Pops --
after all was said and done.

Me and My Daddy

I'm so tired! It's already 10:00 pm.....

Grandma Jackie, Daddy and me --- I was ready to hit the road

Aunt Precious - now a high school graduate!

And this is how many were in her class! 1359!
Now you see why I was so tired!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Times - Many different outfits!

More photos of me!!!

Grandma Jackie sent me a couple of outfits --- here is the first one! I was really cute.
This is another one! Don't I look adorable!

Momma let me go outside and wander around while she watered the flowers.
I kept going to far from her! But then I noticed the flowers and that is where I
wanted to be! I already got in trouble for picking flowers. Mom's poor flowers!
If I can't pick them - then I will just run over them in my walker!

Another household chore! I love helping - or really just undoing what momma does.
Can you see me?

Off to Ms. Paula's only a couple days to go! Then out for the summer!
One of momma's players bought me this! Can't you tell - it's Jordan!

We went to Franklin a couple weekends ago --- see my pretty new dress
Mema bought me! NaNa and me going into church - yep we were late!
After we went to church, we went to visit my momma's grandma in Bremond!

Then we went to check Paw Paw's cows at the Bremond place!
See I can already drive!

"Hey, hands off! I am in charge here!"
"I know I can't see where I am going! But we are in the pasture and the
cows will move!"
NaNa got this rocker for me and Sophia to play with!
I really like it!