Thursday, November 5, 2009


This will be my first Halloween that I actually get to dress up and trick or treat!
On the 24th - I helped Momma clean the house and then we went to the fall festival. On Halloween day, Momma had a scrimmage so Daddy took me to Bradyn's first birthday party. Then I went trick or treating with Preston! Too much going on!!
I found my old toy in the laundry room.
See how big of a mess I can make!

Me??? No.......
All ready to go the the fall festival at church!
Don't I look so cute as a lady bug?
Thanks, Grandma Jackie
YEA! Candy!

Wasn't so sure about all of this.

But we still had a blast.

The best part was my crackers on the way home!

We carved a pumpkin this year -
You can tell Momma and Daddy have never
done this before! I had to give them instuctions!
Daddy carved....
And Momma scooped!

Then we lit it up! I wasn't so sure about it.

Doesn't it look cool?
I had eaten a sucker earlier and Momma made me take
off my clothes - but I wouldn't take off my shoes!

Me and Daddy at Bradyn's party!

We even went on a hayride!

Preston and I are making plans about which houses
we are going to!

And of course -- I had to walk!!

Daddy came to hang out with me a couple
days later! You see that I got his
phone too!