Monday, March 9, 2009

Trip to State with the girls

While Mommy had to go with the girls, Daddy and I traveled to Austin on Thursday and came back on Saturday. It was full of events. This is two weekends in a row that I got to travel -- and I am almost five months old. I love playing with the girls - they keep me entertained. I think I am such a big girl because I get to ride the bus. Chief the bus driver even bought me a stuffed animal because I am so cute. I can't wait til next year when we go to state! I will be running around everywhere!

On the road again.

My mommy still makes me take naps - even on the road.
At least I get the bed!
The hotel had the nice round pillows that I like to lay on -
Can see everything!
But what I really like to do is roll over.

See I should be in gymnastics!

I thought my reflection was the most amazing thing.

This is my buddy --- Coach B!

She helps my mommy out!

We went out to eat with the team on Friday night.
I just woke up from a nap. Can't you tell??

It's way to early!

We even got to see the capital! This is not a great picture
but it had to do --- no stopping on this trip.
Mommy and Me before the championship game.
I gave her some good luck slobber!

I got to hang with Daddy most of the time.
I just might be a Daddy's girl.

After the game, everyone met us by the bus.
This is the girls. Don't worry, we will be back.

I am so proud of my Mommy!

Hang out

This is what I like to do right now!
See me! I can already drive!

Miss Paula made me a pretty hat --- to keep the sun out!

I look like I am ready to go jogging.

Mommy had to bathe me in the sink at NaNa's house.
I really liked it because I got to sit up.

Showing you all my gums!