Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kensli's First Hair Cut!

Kensli's first real haircut! At first she wasn't so sure but then she kind of liked getting treated like a princess! Don't worry folks...she didn't cut much off just trimmed it.

I was such a big girl sitting in the chair!
She was really still - so the lady did not cut too much off!

Look how long my hair would never know it
because of all the curls.

Sophia was there for moral support!

Had to show off my new haircut to everyone!

Me and my Momma!

Now breakfast time! Good thing there is still some left!

Then off to Wal-mart!
Not much room for anything else in the buggie!

Mean Mommies --- they make us work for our keep!
At least teamwork gets it done!

Spring Time!

Now that it is spring and Momma and Aunt Shelley are out of season...I get to hang out with Sophia more!
We like to swing together!
We think it is amazing that we can see ourselves in each others glasses!

Pillow Fight!

Momma had to work the AAU tournament --- so I had to go too!
This is Diamond - she is one of my favorite. I hung out with
her all day!
My favorite chair!
Don't tell me I'm too big for it!

Damon driving me and Sophia around his yard.
He was doing a pretty good job - but I think I might be able to do better!

Me and my Momma riding one of my toys!
Now this is how you help clean!

Momma and I went to watch the Timberview girls play in a club volleyball
tournament...I was learning so much!

My neighbor Ellie..... we had on the same outfit on the same day.