Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

My first Christmas was so much fun! We went to Franklin to visit Nana and Paw Paw and all of mommies side of my family. We even got to finally meet my cousin Sophia! This is the first time everyone got to see her. We did Christmas for Nana's house on the 23rd and then I had another one at Mema's house on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas day I got to go see Nano and Pops and Aunt Precious. We had good food and presents to open! Then I still had Christmas at my house when I got home. I don't know how Santa still found it! We had so much fun that I slept through most of the present opening but mommy enjoyed opening my presents!

Paw Paw has his hands fulls with little ones!

Sophia - all clean!

Sophia - just relaxing!

Look at my duck!

Two Peas in a Pod!

We are already swimmers!

I am so focused!


We are too cute!!

Give me that! I am hungry too!

I already help mommy cook!

Now I am bored and just want to look out the window.

Paw Paw put me to sleep

Boy, I want daddys food

NaNa made small pancakes for the girls!
Sophia loved hers

Breakfast on Christmas morning!

Sophia laughing at Paw Paw

NaNa and Paw Paw and the girls

Aunt Wendy with Sophia

Christmas Tree at NaNa's house

Ryan got and loved his helicopter

Sophis and her daddy.

NaNa gave me a pretty white dress!

And a robe!
See I told you that mommy got to open all my presents.

Aunt Wendy knows what I want!

Huh, you talking to me???

At least we can entertain ourselves

Ryan loved the girls! He liked to tickle and play peek a boo with them

Ryan didn't know why his mommy was holding a baby!

My daddy makes me laugh!

Like father, like daughter.

Paw Paw likes to play with me too!

Mema, my great grandmother, and the girls.

My daddy and Sophia.

Look how I can sit up all by myself.

You think Paw Paw would know what to do after having four girls himself!

Don't we look like dolls!
NaNa bought us dresses and leg warmers!

What you crying about?

Paw Paw gets the duty too.
Look at my bouncer NaNa gave me! I like to jump around
but only when mommy bounces me right now.
Daddy put me in backwards but I don't even care!

Is this Myron and Kendrick or Sophia and Kensli?

My mommy - she is so strong!
Daddy knows all!

Sophia's parents: Shelley and Myron
This is what Sophia did during presents!

And this is what Aunt Wendy and Ryan did.
My great-grandparents.

So peaceful! How opposite can you be?
Ryan will be a good big brother one day.

So precious

Dad, my great grandfather.
NaNa has her arms full!
Couldn't have twins!

Seems like this is all we did!
I like Hi five's too!

I like to listen to my baby sing
I think my mommy is crazy!

Napping with my daddy -- Mommy didn't know how to turn the picture!
This is where I like to chill
Me and my mommy on Christmas night
My new baby!
I think I am big enough to open presents!
My first Christmas tree at our house. See my present to mommy and daddy
in the middle?

Daddy opening the present that I got him.

Nano makes me laugh!
Me and Pops -- I think that I sleepy!
Chilling with Aunt Precious and Nano
I am really interested in something!
We had a wonderful Christmas. I got so many presents - thank you to everyone for everything.
Next year, I will really be able to tear into them!