Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TEETH!!! and Friends

I have two teeth! Of course still on the bottom but I will bit you good!

See how happy I am --- I am so ready to crawl and go where I want to!

Can you see them?

This is my neighbor Ellie! She is only a couple of months behind me.

See how cute she is.

This is my other friend Bradyn - he is a couple weeks behind me too!

Mama, he is already grabbing my butt!

See I do share my toys.

This is what I am talking about --- my daddy pushing me in my walker!

I really like this walker thing!

OH, don't you know what I am telling you????

Breakfast of champions! Except mama isn't letting me have ketchup!
But I love pancakes!

I am such a helper - helping mama make my baby food!

See I can do it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My first Easter! We went to NaNa and Paw Paw house and even hunted Easter eggs.

I love bananas!

Ryan and Kensli --- Ryan was such a big helper the whole time! See all my bows? Aunt Wendy put them in my hair! NaNa made me lots of bows to wear!

Easter Basket
Me entertaining Paw Paw

Had to see who was holding me!

Mommy, Me and Ryan on Easter morning

Daddy bought me an Easter dress - but it was too big.
I liked it because it was puffy!

Ready to hunt! We all hunted at Mema's house

"I think I see one!"

You think she found this all on her own?

We all knew where that egg was headed.

Ryan had his own little helper -- Paw Paw. Ryan found tons of eggs!

She did find some but they were laid out!

Mema helped Kensli find more eggs!

Spring Break Trip to California

For spring break, we went with NaNa to visit Shelley, Sophia and Myron in California. We had a blast and got to do lots of things. I went on an airplane for the first time --- in fact I even left the state for the first time! I am only five months old..... Be ready to look through tons of pictures!
Napping - getting my beauty sleep at NaNa's before we hit the road.

Me and Mommy at the airport. She finally pulled my hair up so I can see!

Look how excited I am about a plane!!

NaNa bought headphones so I could listen to the tv!
That didn't last long.

And I am out for the count!

You want me to sit here for 3 hours and do nothing!

Ok - NaNa's turn to entertain me.

Mommy had her share too!

We had a layover in Long Beach. It was an outdoor airport - so had to go outside, wasn't too cold but just cold enough. I was so good on the plan ride, I kept everyone in good humor.
But layover --- you are asking too much! But I just hung in there like a champ.

See I am a big girl - but I didn't get my own seat until we landed.

See everyone liked me!

I was too pooped!! By the time we got the luggage and then the rent car - we had gone on four different floors, rode the train, and then had to wait on a car! This is too much in one day!

This was the first time we got to see each other! Can't you tell we love each other.
Looks like I am punching and Sophia is grabbing me!

Aunt Shelley is my favorite - she feeds me!

NaNa got to feed Sophia!

Sophia had lots of toys we could play with - but hey she is playing with my Leap Frog!
"Mommy, there is another baby here!"

Sophia is playing peek-a-boo with my hat! It didn't even fit, but she liked it anyway.

Can't tell which one of the threes expression is funnier!

Ahhh... each one has their own blanket.

Guess we see who the bully is!
They actually entertained themselves for a while - just watching each other!

NaNa and Mommy had us girls during the day - we did lots of things.
Mommy got to see how it would have been to have twins - even though she enjoyed it, don't know how people do it on a regular basis.
Ready to go for a picnic at the park across the street.
Cruising around the park.

NaNa and Sophia think they are all-stars.

We got to swing for the first time -- Sophia looks like she is ready to go home.

Now she is better - NaNa will swing with her.

Back at the house - nap time!
We took our lunch and had a picnic while we were there - the grownups wore us out!

NaNa has her hands full! You see who is the wiggle worm and who is calm!

Mommy, Sophia, and Me - looks like we were getting into something!

I always have to have something in my hands! NaNa put this here and I am about to dive in! NaNa made cookies every night when we were there! Mommy thinks she put on weight because of it!

Myron played peek-a-boo with both of them with a blanket. The girls were laughing outloud. This was their favorite place - on the floor - hoepfully with no clothes on!
NaNa would take them off and let them roll around! They couldn't have been happier.

Mommy and NaNa took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is a picture of the Bay. The drive was long (about an hour)- Mommy drove and had the backseat full with NaNa and two car seats!

This sun is so bright! We parked and got to walk by the bay to the aquarium. It was such a nice day and pretty at that!

Told you!
There were so many things to look at once we got inside.

We didn't have but one stroller at the time - so Sophia won! But Mommy held me - couldn't have been an easier time for us girls!

I thought this big fish was going to come through the glass!

Sophia had a great time! She just squealed she was so excited!

It was so funny how excited she was!

And this is what I did most of the time!

Still snoozing! Sophis just looks like it but she was up and at 'em!

Whew! It was time for a break. We sat in the restraunt and fed the girls and changed diapers...
Took forever!

I just hung out!

Sophia got ice cream! She really liked it - I don't think Mommy got any!
NaNa shared her strawberry ice cream with me!

Look I am driving!

We thought this was too cool!

Good thing I am not scared!

Steering us to the exit!

Boy, we were just wiped out in the car after all these adventures!

When we got up in the morning, Mommy fed both of us - just like this! NaNa needed a nap - she was in charge of us later when Mommy took a nap - kind of like tag team!
That was the best time was playing in the morning!

NaNa put us both in Sophia's bed! See we fit!

The next day we went to visit Aunt Shelley at work -- Cal University! We got to see all the crazy things in downtown Berkeley!

Watch out, Sophia might eat that!

We are already ready for college!
Notice who is napping again!

NaNa, Aunt Shelley, and Sophia - looking educated!

It was a sight to see - two people with kids - and taking pictures!
You would think we were the weird ones - but not close!

This is the building where Aunt Shelley works - is a coordinator or Cal Athletics!
We even got to see the baseball team practice!
Look closely! You see Sophia's tears. She looks like she is crying after she ate.
Guess it was really hot in there!

Now - on to shopping! We took the Bart from Dublin to San Francisco!
Going shopping in downtown San Fran.

Aboard the Bart!

I don't know who loved it more - the girls because they didn't have to be buckled down or the moms because they didn't have to hear them cry!

NaNa and the girls!

When we got there - we got off on the wrong stop! It was not the nicest part of San Fran. We were so out of place a police officer came up to us and asked if we were lost. We said we were headed to the mall. She said two blocks to the left --- um it's ok to walk during the day! WOW! What a sight! Good thing the girls were too busy to notice all the out of the ordinary things we saw! But we literally crossed a street and it was a difference between night and day! This is infront of the mall.

After a long day shopping, Uncle Myron met us there for dinner --- can't you tell we don't know exactly where we are going! But we had a great time shopping - what girl doesn't!

Sights we saw!

Myron found this great seafood restaraunt for us to eat at. We had to hike there and found it some how! As soon as we got in we were hungry.
So Mommy fed us one spoonful for Sophia, one for me! Can't you tell neither of us like sharing.
When she would feed the other - we would cry! Then on to the adults eating! We tried things we had never seen before but it was really good. We were glad we went to a place that served REAL seafood! Normally Mommy orders popcorn shrimp - you can get that at home!

Everyone was happy after eating!

It gets cold at night in San Francisco - so everyone was bundled up!
Can you see Sophia? She got Aunt Shelley's jacket!

About to head back to Aunt Shelley's and call it a day!
It was such a long day that the battery on the camera was exhausted too! Instead of taking the Bart back - because we couldn't figure out how to do it - Myron drove and NaNa rode shot gun and Mommy and Aunt Shelley held us in the back. I passed out - too much for me to see today!

We are all about hugs! NaNa and the girls!

Headed shopping again! This time we are staying close to home.
Don't we look like twins! What was Mommy thinking!

Soon we are going to be too big for this!

See, now we think we don't have to ride in our carseats! I am inspecting Aunt Shelley's new car!

This is mine!

We really enjoyed our trip! There are pictures from the flight back home - but those will be up later. At least we had a straight flight back to Texas but we had to leave early in the morning and still didn't get back til early evening. Oh yeah, Mommy and NaNa forgot where we parked when we got back! It took us an extra hour! At least Mommy and I stayed at NaNa's house until Sunday. This was the best spring break I have ever had! Ok - it's the only one but still! PawPaw took me to look at the cows!

I love this!
We even checked NaNa's cows!

See Mommy got to go too! One of the cows got out so we went really fast to catch them -- blew my hat off!