Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preston's Birthday Party - 8/8/09

Preston turned one! We attended his party! It was so much fun....

First, Daddy had to feed me! I was starving!
Me and my Momma!

Me and Daddy

Preston didn't know what he thought of the cake!

But I sure did! It was Yummy! The ice cream was good too!

I got to play with lots of new toys!
I liked daddy pushing me around on this one.

But then Allison was trying to tell me how to do it by myself.

I actually bought Preston this toy -- but you see who is playing
with it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer FUN!

We had lots of fun trying to beat the heat this summer! This was my favorite thing to play with in the pool.

I'm way too excited about this camera!

My neighbor, Ellie came over to cool off too!

She even kept her shades on!

Preston came to play one day too!

I think he is telling me my hair is crazy!

Ok -- still way too hot!

Bradyn came to stay with me for a whole night!
I am trying to tell him how to drive --- just like a man
not to listen!
Sophia and Bradyn with family -- I had already
am knocked out!

But we were all ready to run the next morning!

Myron entertained them for a while!

Daddy's birthday! I got him a gift!

So, I think I should open it for him!

He even shared his jello!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Braunfels

Some of Mommies friends from college got together and went to New Braunfels. We stayed in a cabin and had lots of fun! I am so happy to be out of the car!

Damon and Sophia are seeing who can stand longer!

Just chillin!

Summer and Damon knocked out for naptime!

Momma, Me and Sophia! We hung out a lot!

Sophia telling Damon -- this is my couch!

We even hung out in the grass!

Ok really Sophia and I just picked it!

Everyone played basketball -- I think Damon won!

Bathtime! In the sink again!

Don't I look so cute?

I love Damon's big basket of toys!

Aunt Shelley and the girls before we leave!

The Three Musketeers!

Can you tell who thinks she is in charge?
"Now both of you smile really big!"

I love hanging out with everyone! Especially if they are
going to pick me up!

Sophia is walking on the ceiling!

Myron put me to sleep! Just bouncing me! That is how
pooped I am!

Group picture -- but where is Kensli?
She is passed out in the car!

Summer Fun with Family

We had lots of fun -- being gone most of July. Here are just a few things we did. First, we went to Franklin. Cousin Sophia and Cousin Leighton were in town. We visited Leighton - this is the first time we met! I don't know what
I think about my Momma holding another baby!
Aunt Mindy, Leighton and Me --- see I can help!

Aunt Courtney brought her new dog, Andie, home!
I love puppies!

Two hungry monsters! Nana had these chairs
that we really loved!

I don't think she is scooping fast enough!

You know I couldn't go anywhere without my pool!
I think I will just take a break and relax!
Sophia really enjoyed it too!
See my black eye! The stroller fell over and hit me!

Happy Fourth of July! See my cool shirt?

Uncle Myron toting me around!

All dolled up and ready to go meet Leighton for
breakfast before the parade!

Amy and Leighton - all dressed in red!

We even got Paw Paw in red! We went out to Aunt Mindy's
house for that evening! Lot's of food too!

Courtney isn't sharing -- guess we already ate it!

Momma blew up another pool, so I could go swimming
at NaNa's house. See how much Andie and I are helping?

Cheese! - Now see if you can catch me!

All sunscreened up! And ready to swim!

This hose is the best toy ever!

NaNa even got in with me!

Mommy and I fit too- of course this is more than one day!
I went swimming lots of times!

It was a rough day! See my black eye -- again!
I hit it on one of my toys!

Off to see the cows!

This is too much for me! I'm so tired!
I almost passed out!

I'm up again and ready to play!

The whole family then went to Hilltop Lakes! It was so
much fun! All the closeness!
NaNa loved playing with both of the granddaughters.
Momma took Sophia out to the grass!

Supper time --- most of the girls outside while Sophia and I
ate in our chairs at our own little table! I just really wanted
grapes that NaNa kept feeding me!

I am learning to share. Sophia can not crawl yet - so I just crawl circles
around her -- sometimes I push her down! But she can clap her hands and I am still learning!

Hey! Take my picture!

Paw Paw and the girls in bed --- nope they are just playing!

Time to eat again -- back in Franklin!

Brayden came by to visit us!

NaNa showign the girls how to come down the stairs.

I'm losing at this card game! I think NaNa cheats!